COntrol, Robotics, and IntElligent Systems (CORIES) Lab aims developing novel theory and algorithms for achieving efficient and resilient operation of autonomous robots in uncertain and dynamic environments, possibly in close proximity to other robots and human actors. The lab has an indoor facility equipped with a VICON motion capture system, which allows for experimentation with several ground and aerial robots of various sizes and capabilities. The CORIES Lab mainly focuses on planning and control problems and uses control theory, formal methods, optimization, and machine learning to derive provably-correct plans and policies.



  • (01/21/2021) Our paper "Planning of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems under Signal Temporal Logic Specifications with Integral Predicates" has been accepted to IEEE RA-L.
  • (08/28/2020) Three papers have been accepted to AIAA-Scitech 2021-Intelligent Systems.

"Resilient Satisfaction of Persistent and Safety Specifications by Autonomous Systems"

"Distributed Planning of Multi-Agent Systems with Coupled Temporal Logic Specifications"

"Persistent Aerial Monitoring under Unknown Stochastic Dynamics in Pick-up and Delivery Missions "

  • (07/01/2020) Our paper, "Decentralized  Safe  Reactive  Planning  under  TWTL  Specifications", has been accepted to IROS 2020. 
  • (05/30/2020) Congratulations to Ryan Peterson for successfully defending his MS thesis titled "Safe Multi-Agent Planning under Time-Window Temporal Logic Specifications".  
  • (03/05/2020) Our paper has been accepted to L4DC 2020.

H. Venkataraman, D. Aksaray, and P. Seiler, “Tractable Reinforcement Learning of Signal Temporal Logic Objectives”.

  • (07/30/2019) Two papers have been accepted to NecSys 2019 in Chicago.

S. Seyedi, Y. Yazicioglu, and D. Aksaray, “Persistent Surveillance with Energy-Constrained UAVs and Mobile Charging Stations”.

R. Bhat, Y. Yazicioglu, and D. Aksaray, “Distributed Path Planning for Executing Cooperative Tasks with Time Windows”.